When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 7

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He acted gentlemanly and kissed my hand. I joked it off by bowing. “So Mike, you like underoath?” Aiden inquired.
“Yeah they’re amazing, they are one of my favorite bands.” Sammie gave me a smirk. “No.” I mouthed to her knowing she wanted me to ask him to come. Obviously no didn’t comprehend with her.
“Hey Mike they’re coming to town, wanna go with us.” The death glare I gave caused a shiver.
“Sure.” He said not seeing the exchange of hatred. The bell rang and everyone got up and left the cafeteria, Mike, Aiden, and Sammie walked with me to homeroom. We sat down in the back of the room in a corner where the lights dimmed.
Mike sat close to me. Aiden was smothering Sammie, he loved her more than anything they were friends since birth basically. I met them in kindergarten.

“So when is the concert Sammie?”
“Next Saturday at the Uberdome.”
Aiden smiled, “This is going to be awesome. Do you think we can get backstage passes?”
“If we meet them before the concert maybe, I heard that they are coming early.” I said.

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    haha ;)

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When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 6 by SieRawr12

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