Left To Die

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“Mom, Mr.Breason is acting weird.” Sarah said walking into the kitchen from the backyard.

“What do you mean babe?” Jessica answered.

“I don’t know, he was looking at me funny.”

“I’m sure he was just………” Jessica said, her attention now focused out the window.

She saw Mr.Breason shoving a pair of hedge clippers through the wooden fence to her yard.
She ran outside.

“Joe! Joe what are you doing to my fence!?” she exclaimed but he didn’t answer.

She walked closer.

“Joe!?” she yelled.

He looked up to reveal blood dripping from his mouth and from his now dead black eyes.
This shocked Jessica and sent her running back toward the house.

“Sarah! Get inside the house! Get inside!” she screamed as she push her daughter into the house and slammed the door behind her.

“Mommy what’s going on?” Sarah asked, tears from fear filling her eyes.

Jessica ran around the house closing the blinds.

“Mommy!” Sarah screamed from the kitchen as the pair of hedge clippers was being shoved through the back door.

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