An Old Argument

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“Mom! Eara won’t let me out!”

The haggard mother of four set down her wash basket. It settled on the dryer with a curious metallic clunk. She craned her neck out from the laundry room and frowned. Her eldest daughter, Earrach, stood at the bottom of the stairs with her arms outstretched. Samhradh glared at her sister and seemed ready to topple her over.

“That’s quite enough! You’re both far too old for this behavior. Sam, you know it’s not your turn until after Eara. The cars not going anywhere.”

“Well- technically it is going somewhere. I think what you meant to say was it would return to it’s proper place, eventually.” Fómhar smiled at her mother and poked her head into the wash room. Her second youngest was the best behaved from all four. Mild and studious, she always seemed ready for school.

“Absolutely right my dear. Would you mind keeping watch over your sisters? I’ve got some washing to do and I left my spear at work.”

Fomhar laughted and skipped off towards the rising storm of her sisters.

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  1. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    I have no idea why this intrigues me. I’m not sure what it’s about and I don’t see how it relates to summer but I’m still compelled to read it over and over.

    Very interesting.

    Two technical comments.
    The last line reads _ Fomhar laughter and skipped off.._ Is there a typo?

    Also the line: I think what you mean to say was it would return to it’s proper place, eventually. The tense is wrong. Either mean to say is or meant to say was . There is an agreement issue.

  2. Avatar Catherine

    I didn’t really see what this had to do with summer either. But nevertheless it’s still a good story.

  3. Avatar Red Mint Valkyrie

    Ah- thanks for the grammatical tips. I’m always effing up the technicalities.

    The story directly concerns summer, but I suppose you’d have to know some Gaelic to get the reference.

  4. Avatar Catherine

    Oh do you mind explaining?

  5. Avatar Red Mint Valkyrie

    The four sisters are named after the Gaelic words for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Summer wants to leave the house but she has to let Spring have her turn first.

    The mother is Morrigan. It’s not really from a mythic cycle but it seemed to make sense to me.

  6. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Well, the Gaelic clarification certainly helps. In itself it was a cute story of family stuff that worked pretty well on its own. With the car and dryer references the spear comment seemed out of place.