There is a God...and I can prove it! - Part 4

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Sailing ships
Field Trips
Dinosaurs—Not Barney, but the real ones which I know were extinct before we even got here, but at least we get to ponder about something.
Getting an A in Philosophy and knowing that A doesn’t exist in the existential nature of things.
For the questions of what do I do in my life?
For the joining of husband and wife.
The love it takes to bring a baby in this world
For making that child smile.

How can we have a world filled with such good, that to prove there is a God we have to slap him in the face for the bad?

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  1. Avatar Steve Saylor

    This is the end of this poem series. I’ll be honest and say I came up with this poem before the title.

    Now, I have read some of your comments that say “this doesn’t prove God exists” in the previous posts, and I’m not going to dissect each comment and say why I disagree with that. This piece was never truly intended to give extreme hard facts in a thesis form to prove the existence of God. If I had that answer, why would I post it here? I wrote all of those things as a list for me to build up my faith to which I had almost lost until writing this poem.

    You may tell me I’m wrong with this poem, and I encourage you to. Why should I put down your opinions? Unfortunately there is a louder group of us that give the rest of us Christians a bad name.

    I just wanted to say for the rest of us, we’re sorry. They got into the Holier Than Thou wine again, and we couldn’t call the cops in time before they trashed the place.

    I’m sorry if I mislead you. It wasn’t my intention to be so literal.

  2. Avatar Raymond Finn

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve read the 4 pieces, and as others have said, this doesn’t constitute proof. Thing is, when it comes to something like gods existence, it’s a contentious issue. One that’s not helped by co-opting the language of the opposing side, and using it incorrectly. Because the conversation then becomes about semantics, instead of the substance.
    It’s the same with the subject of evolution. The two sides (those who accept it and those who deny it) can’t really communicate if one side spends all their time trying to explain that words like “theory” and “proof” have a different meaning.
    If you want people to read and appreciate the substance of what you’ve written, it might be better to change the title and make it less contentious. Otherwise, some readers won’t get passed the title without deciding they have to criticise what they perceive as your poor choice of words.

  3. Avatar Gurth

    You can only prove something if you have someone to prove it to. To prove it to yourself is also ok. Usually this is easier.

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