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I know how to take advice. I even know how to take criticism. But as far as getting things done, I have never, ever backed down. You could be the reason that history is “fixed” – fooling guys like me into not bothering to even try.

Well screw you, space man. Yeah, I’ll account for motion, because that advice is good. Unless you’re lying.

You might have poofed a few days ago, but we aren’t done yet, you and I. You made a choice, coming here, to me. And you’re going to regret it. No, you are regretting it. You already have regretted it. If you were swimming in a river of regret, you still would not have as much regret as you are having right now.

I know how I beat you, Mr. Swoop-in-and-tell-me-I-can’t-kill-Hilter. I know because I already did it.

This time machine is going back alone – back to right here, but a week earlier in time. And it is going to poof in right under you, and then it’ll poof you out.

I will cause your events, space man. I already did. Because Hilter was my grandfather, you prick.

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  1. Avatar beatnik307

    Cool, man. Nice retort.

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