You want General-Tso's Tofu?

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“No, I do not want Chicken Fried Rice! Is my – No, no! I am not placing an order! I’m trying to connect to my mother!”

You would think that while on the AirPhone with my mother, through a geographic dislocation, I would get disconnected.

Not reconnected to an up-until-moments-earlier-Californian Orient Express.

The phone cut out, requesting my credit card as well. I had to wonder – if my card was connected to a London account, would I now be charging it to some unsuspecting git’s life savings?

Call it a mean streak, but I had to give it a try!

Swipe – pin – and? Nothing. I should have known that my pin would not match the colonial’s. Damn American.

“Stewardess! Your phone is refusing my card! And the service doesn’t connect me to the right number! Well… Jillian McGraw. Well, Miss McGraw, I demand compensation, unless you want the company to hear from me.”

Yeah. Definitely call it a mean streak.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    Very good… I keep thinking of those telephone operators in remote call centres that try and sell you odd things.

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