Friday Nights

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Friday night meant football. The whole town would gather for The Big Game, in tee-shirts and shorts in August to Carhartts and toboggans in October.

Everyone was there. The moms, bragging about their kids, whose pictures they wore as buttons on their blouses. The dads, hats on and cigarettes lit, talking about the crops, the Buckeyes, and their own gridiron glory days. The teenagers, who didn’t watch the game, except for those select few girls wearing one of the football players’ jerseys. The other teens used Friday Night Football for what it was; a social rite of passage, filled with hormones, first kisses, and broken hearts.

Rumors started on Friday nights would sometimes last all the way until Monday, especially if they were particularly juicy. It wasn’t about the action on the field; it was our little microcosm of life, always changing as it stayed exactly the same.

Looking back, it’s such a stereotype, but Ohioans live for football, and crisp autumn nights transport me back to that place.

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  1. Avatar Lighty

    I love all the different aspects of the one thing you describe, how it becomes more than just a weekly game of football. There’s a lot happening in quite a short amount and really gives the feeling of the community.

  2. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    Holly FUCK!
    Hello fellow Ohioan! There are many other of us buckeyes on ficly as well! (Dont really remember who right now) but so cool!

    btw this comment rated mature, didn’t mean for it to, but it was the only way to express what i was feeling at the moment

  3. Avatar stargazer1960

    I graduated from a high school in Ohio too. My brother was the quarterback and I was a band nerd.

    My sister was on the Homecoming court and often the subject of Friday night rumors.

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