The Runaways - The Stranger

Avatar Author: Nick Travis Clark Hi. My name is Nick. I am 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and the biggest band geek you will ever meet. I play percussion in the school jazz band and concert band. In marching band, I play snare drum. I am bisex... Read Bio

The window cracked and shattered into a million tiny pieces as someone dressed in all black landed on James’ bedroom floor. He wore a mask that his his face completely. He had a long, silver sword in his hand. The hilt of the sword was as black as night. James stared in fear and awe as the stranger raised his blade to James’ neck. He lunged, but James dodged. Being on track for two years in a row has its advantages sometimes. James long, black hair flew across his face as he jumped. “Who are you?” he shouted. The stranger was silent. He simply lunged at James once more. James grabbed the blade of the sword with his palms. “What do you want from me?”

“James Cartwright,” said the stranger, struggling to get his blade free. “You must come with us. You are requested by our master.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” James shouted.

The stranger managed to free his sword and slashed at James, cutting his face before the teen could get out of the way. It hadn’t occurred to James that the man had said us. He wasn’t alone.

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  1. Avatar Catherine

    Who are they and who’s their master? Why do they want him? Some many questions! I hate cliffhangers…

Inspired by

“Why does it have to be so boring here?” exclaimed James Cartwright as he extended his arms and leaned back in his chair, yawning...

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