She, a New Development

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I thought I had it figured out.

I’d only jump back so far at a time. The day planner helped me get oriented quickly and not miss things. It was also handy for quickly jotting down things that were going to happen. Little things like quoting movies and referencing other conversations had to stop.

Then I saw her.

To be clear, I half suspected I’d seen her before. The troubling bit was when I started noticing her, usually out of the corner of eye. Her hair, a dark brown , adapted to whatever style fit the time and location. Invariably she wore nicer clothes than might have been warranted, coats with brocade and gleaming buttons up a high collar, or silk scarves in creamy hues. Quiet sophistication defined her look and bearing at all times, through all time.

What really struck me was her face. Eyes of tranquil brown gazed from an oval face of slightly exotic features. Full lips teased underneath immaculate, dark lipstick. Her expression, curious and mocking, haunted my dreams and shadows of day.

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  1. Avatar J. A. Keane

    Another time-travelling persona. A villian, perhaps?
    Well done for adding that possibility. When I began writing this story, I always had an idea that he would run into a time-travelling nemesis, so kudos on making it a reality.

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