The Last Drawer

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That last drawer was the final chance. The last message from the past reaching out to me. Did the impossible happen again? Would she have received my reply. And if so, what would she say?

My mind alternated between dismissing this as foolishness and fear that the drawer would contain nothing.

With trembling hands I pulled open the final secret drawer. A brief glance showed that no envelope was visible. I felt my heart break, and pulled the drawer fully out to see if perhaps the envelope had slipped behind the drawer. In doing so I felt something slide inside the narrow drawer. I looked and saw something laying in the bottom. I tipped it out and held it in my hand.

It was a small photograph. Black and white, but hand tinted to show color. A beautiful young woman sat and smiled, looking back at me. She appeared about twenty, in a long blue dress and a pretty hat. On the back of the case was written a brief sentence.

James, I will always remember you. Love, Janice

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    too sweet

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