Oh Canada!

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It was a surprisingly warm winter evening in February. We were dressed in our Sunday best, red and white. The snow crunched under our feet as we walked across the parking lot, saying sorry to the driver who we didn’t realize we were in his way.

Entering the doors, we said Please as we asked for a seat, and said Thank You as we pulled out our chairs. We sat at our table, ordered Canadian’s by the pitchers full, and prepared for the hockey gold journey that was the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Gold Medal Men’s Hockey Game.

The Game began. We cheered and jeered, then cheered again. We ordered more Canadians, raised our glasses to a well fought first period, an okay second, and a nail biting ending to the third.

The tension could’ve been cut with a plastic knife. When Over Time started, all of us were at the edges of our seats.

We then hear it, those awesome fateful words, “He shoots…HE SCORES!”

“Now Everyone Knows Whose Game They’re Playing” read across the screen.

I am proud to be Canadian, eh.

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  1. Avatar Steve Saylor

    It was a well fought game. Congrats to the U.S. Hockey team for just being awesome. Congrats to all olympians. Of course, everyone knows now where my loyalty lies, and I’m not sorry about that.
    Oh, and yes those words were flashed on the screen on a Coca-Cola commercial. Before the win, the commercial read “Let’s make sure everyone knows whose game they’re playing.” Once Canada won, they switched the commercial with the words mentioned in the story.

  2. Avatar i, Coomber

    I was sat watching it at home in my Canada jersey, loving it. Great retelling of a great event.

  3. Avatar Steve Saylor


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