Stalworth's Rock

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But, if Imagination is real, what if it spills over? Trickling into a parallel Storyline, existing right next door. All we have to do is allow them through, and once again Dragons shall walk the streets. Dragons shall fill the skys and oceans.

Beware of Stalworth’s Rock, there is a leak. The very source of all, and they will defend it to the death, because were that leak to be plugged. Were that bridge between lines to be broken, their world, isolated away from that which feeds it, would cease to exist.

I keep my fissure open, I allow them free reign, and should they wish to cross over, all it takes is a knock. My dragon and I, we have had great times, and I hope that they never end. But someday I’ll die, and he will continue to live.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Hrmmm, a neat idea, this sort of real-world/fantasy blend . I like the idea of the imagination world fed by ours and leaking through. The writing has a some subtle problems. Starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’ is considered weak form, so starting the whole story with ‘but’ really wasn’t a strong start. Then you’ve got run-ons and fragments throughout, which I know was mostly done for dramatic effect, but there just a few too many to make it a pleasant read for a grammea nerd.

  2. Avatar Concerned Reader

    I could be a douche and say that this is meant to be spoken by a character, and all the grammar problems are his fault, but that’s just hand waving. I started it with a big But because it was born out of a comment I left on someone else’s story. (On a different website.) So It was supposed to be interrupting what he was saying.

    I’ll take a look back through it, and see what I can do about defragging it. And makeing a stronger beginning. Maybe I’ll wrap what is pretty much just dialog in some description and characters.