Stalworth's Mind

Avatar Author: Concerned Reader I ain't a writer right now, and I probably wont be one in the future, but I sure as hell enjoy the act of writing. I've only just started writing in the past few years, and even then have only produced short stories and s... Read Bio

Stalworth’s Rock isn’t just a place, but a mindset. Each individual who has opened his door, like I have, falls under their protection. You could very well destroy Stalworth’s Rock, but Stalworth’s Mind lives on inside of the imagination and memory of all who allow it. More than dragons exist beyond the door, My dragon is just the first that came through. I gave him a warm welcome and he introduced me to a few of his friends. I thanked him for stopping by, and he thanked me for leaving the light on. Otherwise he’d have never found the door.

I know that my dragon will protect me, and yes, he would fight to the death. Should I die by the hands of another, then his revenge will be very great. In return, I fight for him. Perhaps not the same sort of battles, but they are just as important. I wield my pen; I fight to keep Stalworth’s Mind alive. In the right hands, an imagination can save us all.

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Stalworth's Rock by Concerned Reader