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Dathla tripped on the rubble, skinning her knuckles as fought to keep her balance. The ruins of the old chapel had been left to molder and rot, but Dathla was convinced something of value must remain.

She slipped quietly down the broken hallway where a glint of light caught her eye. Stooping carefully, Dathla pulled a small, stone tablet from a pile of debris. Turning it over revealed a golden rune of magnificent beauty.

Dathla traced the rune with the tip of a finger and felt a warmth flow into her body. It spoke to her, not with words but with a deeply primal voice. For a brief moment, she thought she smelled sulfur before it was replaced again by the dank smells of rot.

Clutching the rune to her breast, Dathla fled the old chapel as quickly as she dared. She knew she had discovered an object of power, one which held potential for the revival of Stalworth. She knew not what it meant, but there was one man who might. She just had to find him.

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  1. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Very nice continuation! I think I’ll let y’all continue this storyline and see where it goes. Unless I really, really want to write a sequel to a part of it.

  2. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Unfortunately this wont count as part of the contest unless you enter it on the contest page.

  3. Avatar The Third Robot

    I do think that it’s possible for multiple sequels CR. I would like to see where this goes from two perspectives. That’s always a hoot.

    I enjoy this continuation very much.

    Only critique (and this is just me) would be that I think that sequels should be able to flow in a series, but also be able to stand out on there own so that a reader could fully comprehend the story without any previous knowledge. I think you achieve that for the most part, but there could be a little too much mystery.

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    CR – Since there are no actual dragons in this sequel, I think I’d rather just let it stand alone as it is. :)

    TTR – I don’t really know how I feel about that. I think it comes down to personal preference. I actually kind of enjoy the stories that leave the reading hanging a bit for the next sequel.

  5. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Screw it, I’mma sequel this one.

  6. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    You do a great job of capturing the sound and aura of good fantasy writing. I really enjoyed this one, especially the third paragraph.

  7. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  8. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    sequels don’t have to be made up of the same characters, we all add our own spins to make a huge awesome story. :) and this is awesome.

  9. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Glad you like! :-D

  10. Avatar rawrchiteuthis

    I <3 it

  11. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Nice to know you consider it an acceptable sequel. :)

  12. Avatar Kay-Teaze

    really enjoyed this – but can’t help but wonder/muse…. how’d she know they’d be “something of value” in the chapel?…

  13. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    At one time the chapel was central to the writings of the town and thus to the dragons. She figured that there were things buried in the rubble that had been overlooked by looters and such.

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