La Boulangerie

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Jack was hungry, he’d decided on a bite to eat in town.

His hunger was derived from the long hours he had been working in Changements Inc. The pay was tre good but the hours were fatigant. Currently they had been bâtiment un temps et l’espace machine.

The entreprise avaient l’intention of voyager à la Napoleonic War. They planned on prendre des photos prouvant Napoleons height, la plupart des gens thinking il a été assez courte.

Ils avaient pensé à changer la space-time continuum, but realised it would be un changement graduel, et personne ne s’en apercevra.

Jacques était arrivé à la Boulangerie et a ordonné une omelette au fromage. Jacques réfléchit sur cet aspect plus en attendant au sujet de visiter d’autres temps.

Suddenly inspiration hit.

Ja, er würde besuchen Deutschland und Attentat auf Hitler früh. Das war immer gearbeitet in den Filmen…

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    I like how you mix up the languages.

    I’m not the most well-versed in French, however I know enough to follow the story.

    Interesting concept. Not what I had entirely expected to be honest.

    Good submission!

  2. Avatar H.S. Wift

    I, sadly, did not like the language mixing. For one thing, Jacques is the french equivalent of Jack, if you were Jack, you wouldn’t go to france and suddenly start introducing yourself as Jacques. Also, I may be able to speak french quite well, but not german. it relies on me speaking three specific languages. The language phasingf also gave a disjointed feel.

  3. Avatar Adam Taylor

    The slow phasing into french was alluded to in a french bit (un changement graduel – a gradual change) and was meant to show they changed the timeline to make everything french from the napoleonic era forwards. Because of this Jack’s parents (in this new timeline) named him the french equivalent as everything is different but no-one notices the changes.

    In contrast the abrupt switch to german is a reference to the many MANY time travelling themes in film where someone tries to kill Hitler, travels forward in time and everythings German. Again alluded to in the German part (Das war immer gearbeitet in den Filmen – That’s how it worked in the films).

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