The Watering Hole

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Narrowed eyes,
In grass, disguised,
The lion licks his lips.

Aware, alert,
Gazelles tap dirt
As they take cautious sips.

The lion, crouched,
Awaits the pounce
That brings him to his prey.

With muscles tense,
In thickets dense,
He dawdles, daring fate.

But then, the jump;
Like piston pump,
The lion roars his thunder.

With flashing teeth,
Escape is brief
And flesh is torn asunder.

The ones who flee—
The escapees—
With fear, like fire burning,

From here on know
This wat’ring hole
Is deadly for returning.

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  1. Avatar The Third Robot


  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Lovely, straight forward poem. Makes me think of Kipling and the whole period of British colonialism, exploration, and the romanticizing of the safari.

  3. Avatar The Note Writer

    The tags are win.