Where To Go

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Brown. Everything was brown. A dark, dry, dead kind of brown. These was some white too. But a dirty white, not the pretty pristine color. There were just these two colors.

I continued staring. The trees were bare. Patches of snow covered the path in front of me. There was no where to go back to — the bus that had dropped me here was gone as well — and there was no where I was going to.

I took my first step forward, away from the spot I had stood in since getting off the bus. I took a deep breath in. The air had changed. It was pure, electric, alive. There was no looking back. I walked towards the ttree-lined path. Surround by the trees and snow, my perspective changed. The trees were no longer dead, but full of new begining; the snow was no longer dirty, but full of life. The bright sky was promising, shining white light on everything.

I had no idea where this road would take me but I was going where ever it did.

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  1. Avatar Catherine

    I really liked this! Kind of like a moving on to something better thing. Your descriptions were wonderful and the ending is perfect.

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    You have a number of spelling and grammar errors as well as several rather awkward turns-of-phrase. Put some spit-and-polish on this and you’ll have a real nice visual here.

  3. Avatar Moonlightgirl

    yea i’m not sure what going on with you lately but this seems off to me girl.its not as passionate as you usually are