Chocolate Milk and Cheerios 2

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This war is just stupid.
If we keep nuking the world… I have no doubt in my mind we are somehow going to set the earth off its course and we are going to crash into Venus. That’s the schizophrenic’s (me) view on it. But no one will listen to a schizo. Oh well. That’s their problem. They already trashed the place. I didn’t. I’ve been locked up in my house all my life. What have I done? It’s impossible to not produce waste. But it’s possible to reduce the amount.

Haven’t they ever seen “An Inconvenient Truth”? So what, it’s about 145 years old… if it was that bad then… think about how bad it is now. Jeez… we messed up big time.

I’m just going to sit back here in my nice confined bomb shelter and watch the world blow themselves up with all those crazy nuke bombs and such.

Eating cheerios.
And drinking lovely chocolate milk.
Chocolate. The only thing about the world that hasn’t changed in maybe… 1000 years.

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This is from the WWIII challenge. “If the world ended today? What would you want to say? Would you apologize for what you have done? ...

Chocolate Milk and Cheerios 1 by Former Ficly Friend