Gravity of the Situation

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The white pebbly texture was uncomfortable to walk on. It gave his feet a rash and he had to be careful with every step in case he stepped off of a joist and fell through to the insulation. He hated his current predicament.

Showering became a terrible chore for him. For the most part he had no privacy and it involved a very flexible nozzle and the entire bathroom getting wet. He did feel bad because his roomie always had to mop up after him without his help.

Going outside was out of the question. He hadn’t tried yet, but the risks were far too great. Being cooped up in the little house had made him very grumpy and he yearned to get to the bottom of his problem.

It began three days ago, awakening him with an alarmingly painful ‘fall’. Since then his roomie and him have been researching doctors from all over the country. This morning they come to the conclusion that they would visit Dr. Weber, world famous physicist and expert on the behavior of gravity.

Now he just had to get to a car somehow.

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  1. Avatar lastsyllable

    I’d rephrase the fourth paragraph a bit, because as is it sounds like it belongs at the beginning. Maybe something more like “It had been going on for three days, since he woke up from an alarmingly painful ‘fall.’” Otherwise, good descriptions of an awkward situation. Perhaps the kind of tethers the astronauts use to get him to the car? _