PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part III

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Rotate the lid of the peanut butter jar in a counter clockwise direction. You will at times have to reposition your fingers to continue the rotation. Failure to periodically reposition may result in torsion fractures and other injuries to your arm. Conversely, you may hold the lid still and then rotate the jar in a clockwise direction.

Once again the warning regarding torsion fractures applies to this technique as well. This secondary method is NOT recommended, as during the repositioning operation, the jar may disengage itself from the lid and leave your immediate control.

After the jar lid (or jar) has been rotated at least 1/4 turn, but less than two full turns the lid and the jar will disengage and become separable. Place the lid to one side on the flat surface.

If this is the first time this jar has been opened you may find a barrier covering the mouth of the jar. It is important to remove this barrier or the peanut butter will remain inaccessible. Place the jar on the firm surface.

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  1. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    I await more :)

    Great going so far, but I have only learned how to dive into those oh-so tricky peanut butter jars.

    I’m likin it…only typo, ‘After the jar lid (or jar) HAS’ but thats it :)

  2. Avatar GreatNorthWoodsGirl

    lol Speak on Great One.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    RYD, seriously, you have to finish this and submit it! They will love it!

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PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part Deux by Radical Yellow Duck

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