Residual Quintessance

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I awake with a start, still feeling the sting of a shock gun on the back of my neck. Prying an odd piece of metal and plastic off my forehead, I notice my hands look different, rougher, more calloused than I remember.

As I stand up shakily and try to take in my surroundings, I wonder what’s happened to me. Heads up windows float in the air around me, each of them subtly trying to convince me that I belong here, that this is my home.

But this is not my home. Navigating the unfamiliar interface, I activate the phone controls in the HUD, and start to dial a number I know by heart, when an itch in the back of my brain begins to assert itself.

Slowly I sit down and put my head into my hands, starting to shake fiercely. With a swiftness born of long practice I wipe out the contact number I started to enter, clear the reminder windows, and dial the number of a back alley neurologist for an emergency consult.

The aftershock was too strong this time. A few more seconds and I would have called a dead man’s wife.

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  1. Avatar N. Robertson

    Okay, so what was the aftershock from?

  2. Avatar rawrchiteuthis

    Ooooh. I wonder what the neurosurgeon does.

    And I sort of want him to call the wife. Is it virtual reality, or is he actually stepping into someone else’s body – malkovich style?

  3. Avatar Raymond Finn

    I didn’t think this was hard to follow at all. It was excellent, as a stand alone piece. I’m off to read the prequel now, but I really liked it.
    There were several possible plotlines which occurred to me when I read it. First, is this what Alzheimers would be like for someone living in the future?
    Second, partial brain transplant? Or maybe even something more obscure, like personality uploading?
    Really really liked it.

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Damn. Amazing bit of fiction. I particularly appreciated the power of that last line.

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    oh! wow, so he is becoming the man in the memories! that is an awesome concept, flows so well.. The windows threw me at first, then i realized they were Windows, not panes of glass in wooden frames. The last line cinches this!

  6. Avatar boxofun

    Wow! That is just… so very good! Please write more!

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