5 and a half years on...

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Five and a half years on, and it still hurts.
Someone told me at the time, I wouldn’t hurt forever.
This memory always brings a smile to my face.
How on earth can you not hurt when you lose your mom?
Cancer. Acute Neuromuscular Lymphoma.
Fatal, of course.
I was nine. How do you grieve when you are nine?
Memories though, I still have them.
A dance, a Crossword, A fall.
The beginning of the end.
When your legs go.
Then your stomach.
Then your lungs shut down and you suffocate.
It’s Hereditary. I am going to die of it as well.
Sounds Dramatic eh?
Not really.
I can be with my mom again.
Who wouldn’t want that?

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    This is so sweet. I love the full stop at the end of each line giving it that finality, and that the girl is fine with finality. Braver than me.

  2. Avatar Rez Greetham

    over 7 years now, nothings changed though <3