Diabolical 2

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xoJennyox (2:23:48 PM): hey Don
omgitsDon (2:23:55 PM): yo.
xoJennyox (2:23:58 PM): whats up?
omgitsDon (2:24:00 PM) Shut up.
xoJennyox (2:24:03 PM): what? why?
xoJennyox (2:25:26 PM): helloooooooooooooooooooooo
omgitsDon (2:25:29 PM): Goodbye, Jenny.
xoJennyox (2:25:36 PM): oh… uh… bye.
omgitsDon (2:25:36 PM): Forever.
omgitsDon signed off at 2:25:38 PM.
omgitsDon is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
xoJennyox (2:25:49 PM): what!?
omgitsDon is unable to receive offline IMs.
“What the hell?” Jenny thought.

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