Super Is As Super Does

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Blast Girl stared at the device in horror. “It’s a bomb!”

“How much time—” Jade Fist began.

“Fifteen seconds!”

They knew they wouldn’t make it out of the building before it blew up. Despite her explosive abilities, Blast Girl wasn’t immune to bombs, and Jade Fist could project concentrated psychic force but not create diffuse fields to protect them or contain the bomb itself.

“I’ve got it!”

Blast Girl and Jade Fist turned incredulous gazes on Armordillo. Incredulity quickly became horror as they watched him pick up the bomb and activate his impenetrable spherical shell, trapping himself inside with it. An eternal ten seconds later, they heard the muffled explosion.

“Did he just…” Jade Fist couldn’t finish the question. Blast Girl’s eyes welled up with tears.

“After all the times we made fun of him for being useless,” she said.

“Made fun of who?” Armordillo asked breathlessly.

They stared at him in disbelief. “How did you get out?” Jade Fist asked.

“Ejection seat, duh. Who are we making fun of?”

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  1. Avatar lastsyllable

    Not a sequel but same characters as

  2. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    Jade and Blast girl should have more faith is Armordillo. This was super fun.

  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    Well now I want to read the other one. This is the first superhero story that I have read here. Nice work, good pacing, and an about perfect ending. Truly, who is useless?

  4. Avatar lastsyllable

    Thanks, guys! I got a lot of love for poor Armordillo last time, and yesterday’s newspaper had a word puzzle with armadillo as the daily word, so… kismet!

  5. Avatar H.S. Wift

    How can he be useless? He can make a massive indestructable ball!

  6. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yay! Armadillo saves the day!

  7. Avatar Horrorfan13

    The ending made it all worth it! Ejection seat? Great!

  8. Avatar lastsyllable

    I don’t think he’s useless, his siblings do! Glad you guys enjoyed, thanks for reading.

  9. Avatar cthulhuburger

    Excellent story! Ficly seems to lend itself well to superhero stories. I think it’s because we can recognize the tropes of the medium so quickly, which allows the author to get right to the plot without a lot of exposition.

  10. Avatar lastsyllable

    Indeed, one of the “rules” I’ve seen for microfic and flash fic is to be as allusive as possible. It’s not about using cliches but about using shortcuts to things most people know about. Superheroes, mythology, supernatural stuff, that sort of thing can work really well because we have foundations already in place, like you said.

  11. Avatar N. Robertson

    Haha, sweet snap ending.

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