The Doors of Perception

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“Welcome back, Giselle,” Randy said.

Giselle groaned. “Sorbet. Now.”

Randy handed her the lemon ice to cleanse her palate. Prophecy by glossolalia always left a weird taste in her mouth; this time it was cigarettes, whiskey and blood. She much preferred visions or dreams or automatic writing, but the choice wasn’t hers to make.

“So,” she asked between licks, “what did I say?”

Randy and Dan looked at each other, then off in different directions. Dan coughed.

“Well,” he said.

“You were singing,” Randy said.

Giselle froze with the sorbet halfway to her mouth. “Singing? What?”

Dan consulted his netbook. “Um, ‘Not to Touch the Earth,’ ‘Riders on the Storm’ and ‘The End.’ All by the Doors.”

“So was I channeling divine karaoke or…?”

“Seemed legit,” Randy said. “I’m no analyst, but sounds like we’re looking at presidential assassination and some kind of apocalyptic scenario.”

“Jim Morrison was a mystic, you know,” Dan said.

“Peachy,” Giselle muttered. “Next time, remind me to have him sign my bra.”

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  1. Avatar Clockwork Soul

    I really enjoy the premise you’re setting up here. I hope you’ll continue with this one…? Then again, it works pretty well as a one-shot. Hmm.

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Ha ha. Funny. I always love mystical stuff.

  3. Avatar lastsyllable

    Me, too. There’s such a vast array of historical stuff to pull from… it’s interesting what some people used to believe or still do. And of course that’s nothing next to the power of imagination, heh.

    CS, this was meant to be a one-shot but uses a character I pulled from somewhere else. Maybe my subconscious is poking me. Thanks for reading!

  4. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I agree, and I want to say that the characters you’ve developed in this piece are very well. Giselle in particular.

  5. Avatar Robert Quick

    I don’t have anything to add other than a rating. Good work!

  6. Avatar N. Robertson

    This is whacked and very good. I like it a lot.