Waiting Goodbye

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In a far corner of the room past the bed, beyond the dresser, a single ring sparkles on the night stand. The light of early dawn filters through the half open blinds casting rainbows of color across the wall. Specs of dust could be seen hanging in the air making the light more brilliant gazing in as beams illuminating the piece of paper that had fallen below to where only the dust bunnies dwell. The silky ink scrawled hastily onto the thick rose colored stationary will go unread. Some socks are hanging out of the dresser and her coats are missing from their hangers, only her ring remains.

A single diamond embedded into a band of gold. Engraved “_My Angel_”, it was a promise of forever love until her note can say her goodbye.

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  1. Avatar N. Robertson

    Good descriptions. Trippy tense changes. I seem to see that a lot on Ficly, this present/past jumping.

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