Horse thief

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“Where you goin’ boy?” The men said as he spat in front of Lee’s feet. This sent Lee falling to the ground as he tried to crab walk away. Cooter got off his horse and drew his gun and pointed it at Lee’s feet, “I said where you goin’ boy?”

“He’s goin’ nowhere’s now,” One of the men giggled.

“Dance, horse-thief dance!”


Cooter shot right in between Lee’s spread legs, this sent Lee jolting back. “What’s th’ matta? Ain’t gotchyer dancin’ shoes? I said DANCE!”

“Let him be!” The sound of a gun hammer pulled back made Cooter freeze as Sheriff Watson held a cold steel barrel to the back of his head. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“Nuu-uuthin’ Sherrif, just settling a horse theif’s debt.” Cooter pissed his pants.

“I’ll settle it for him, now git!” Sheriff Watson kicked Cooter’s ass which sent him running.

Lee got up and dusted himself off. “Thanks sis,” he smiled sheepishly.

“Don’t ‘thanks sis’ me, you’re in a lotta trouble, git your ass to my office.”

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    Nice twist with a female sheriff, but I think you should use freeze instead of froze

  2. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Thanks for the comment! You’re right freeze is better. I have changed it.

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