Right Hand Woman

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“Good morning, Mr. Poole.” Nola Shields stood in the living room of her employer’s downtown penthouse, her black suit neatly pressed, her shoes shined.

“Good morning, Ms. Shields.” Roy Poole examined the clothes she had laid out for him. “Red tie today? Government work?”

“Yes, sir. You have an appointment with the senator for brunch, after a meeting with the board.”

Poole dressed while Ms. Shields apprised him of his schedule for the day, then briefed him on pertinent news and financial indicators. By the time she finished knotting his tie, he was ready to work.

“How are your ribs feeling, by the way?” he asked. “And your eye? I don’t see a bruise.”

“Makeup, Mr. Poole. I’m a little sore but the painkillers manage that.”

He put a hand on her shoulder and felt her muscles stiffen. “You sure you’re in fighting form? If more of Delgado’s thugs come after me—”

“I’ll kill them, too,” she replied coolly. “Sir.”

With a laugh, Poole patted her arm. “You’re a hard woman, Ms. Shields. Keep it up.”

“Yes, sir.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very cool, slick piece of story here. Reminded me a bit of Lex Luthor’s driver Mercy, at least her rendition in the cartoons. Aside from that association it felt more like a Bond variation with a strong woman, which is a nice change of pace for that genre.

  2. Avatar lastsyllable

    Definitely patterned on Mercy, with some Pepper Potts for good measure. And a little of the old Girl Friday, too! But I didn’t intend this to be about super heroes, more like you said, in the Bond vein.

    I feel like there aren’t enough strong women characters, and the ones you do see end up as window dressing more than anything. Trying to do my part, one Ficly at a time.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for reading!

  3. Avatar Krulltar

    strong emontionally balanced women are definately not the norm in Hollywood movies. great story.

  4. Avatar Krulltar

    strong emontionally balanced women are definately not the norm in Hollywood movies. great story.

  5. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    The character development you weaved in here – from little more than dutiful housewife through to well-informed confidante and then on to bad-ass thug-murderer – stylishly done!

    Really well done with this – Nola is a very interesting character indeed – MH :)

  6. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    This is brilliant, I must say. One of the few entries that don’t entail superheroic acts.

  7. Avatar lastsyllable

    Thanks, guys. It seemed like most people were going with superhero stuff, which I also love and do a lot, so I figured I’d try something else. But as noted, this is still loosely based on characters in super situations, because there is much awesomeness there to steal from—I mean, to homage.