Critical Assessment of Musical Ability

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“Tell me something I don’t already know about you.”
“I used to be in the church choir before my parents disowned me.”
" …I’m shocked beyond words that there is something I actually did not know about you. Tell me more."
“Well, I was asked to leave.”
“Predictably. Why?”
“I took some artistic license with some of the song lyrics.”
“Well, there was this one song where the chorus went something like, ‘I Lift Up The Name of Jesus’ or somesuch.”
“Yes, and?”
“Well, apparently the sisters didn’t appreciate my version: ‘I Lift Up My Skirt For Jesus.’”
“Everyone’s a critic.”

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  1. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Somehow, I don’t blame the sisters, though I’m sure the alternative lyrics made things a bit more interesting. ;) Thanks for participating!

  2. Avatar Daisy Doll

    I laughed so hard I spit out my water!
    My one recommendation is that in the third line, only italicizing the word “not”. I think it might be a bit more effective.

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