Poker Face

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The clicking of Frank’s chips was beginning to wear Bob’s patience thin. Frank always did this to entertain himself, see how far he could go. Bob was an easy target, so Frank continued to do so anyway. Bob held his cards close. Patrick, and Isaac, were already passed out from the drunken stupor they were in. It was down to just the two of them fighting off exhaustion and each other.

Frank wheezed as he went for his handkerchief. His coughing fits becoming more labored each time. “If you want to call it quits Frank, I can oblige.”

“Think nothing of it Robert, I am in perfect condition to win against you sir.” Frank said when he calmed down as Bob tried to find Frank’s tell. Frank knew this of course, so he fed him a fake tell throughout the night. Didn’t take much, a stroking of his mustache, meant Frank had a bad hand.

“I raise 20,” Bob said.

Frank smiled as he placed his pair of Kings on the table, “I call.”

Bob threw down his cards. A pair of deuces.

“A pleasure Bob,” Frank grinned.

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