Don't climb Trees [1]

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Emma walked along, kicking at the stones underfoot as she trudged up the mountain side. She was going backpacking with her sister, who was currently climbing a nearby tree.

“Come on!” Emma complained, reaching up towards her sister.

“Not if I can help it!” Amy yelled back, climbing up even higher than before.

Then the branch holding her up collapsed, sending Amy crashing to the ground. A deadly crack and a horrid scream ripped through the air as Emma fell to her sister’s side.

“No no no no no no please no!” Emma wailed as she helplessly watched her younger sister writhing in pain, then finally stop moving all together.

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  1. Avatar Bellisimo

    Very sad.

  2. Avatar Emma Loopa

    Thank you for the grammer correction.

    Don’t worry, I use my name and my sister’s name because I like our names, not because this is a true a story.. thank goodness!

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