By Any Means

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I do not know how long I wandered, blinded by the unceasing light of the sun, but I am sure I walked for many days. Strangers yelled obscene phrases and pelted me with rotting fruits and stones in a rain of violence. Despite my wounds, no wretch was low enough to rob me of my meager possessions. I gritted my teeth and trekked on.

When I crossed the unseen boundary into the realm of night, I was pleased by the refreshing coolness that night had to offer. My sight returned but in a much reduced state. I was left with hazy outlines and shadows upon shadows to guide my way. Silence traveled with me and, as a companion, left much to be desired. It wasn’t merely quiet, it was the nature of the quiet, the stillness full of tension that abated breath and produced heart-pounding anxiety.

I clung to my purpose and it drove me on.

Where I come from Death is elusive; difficult to find and almost impossible to bend to your will. I followed it here and I vow to end my curse one way or another.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    a very epic adult comic feel… reminded me of Neil Gammon’s Sandman series. You seem to be on a roll with the mythical tone of stories tonight.

  2. Avatar August Rode

    I like the tone and the concept very much. If anything, I found the phrase “When I crossed the unseen boundary into the realm of night” a bit too purple for the rest of the piece.

  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    Thank you for your comments!
    @ Krulltrar- I am honored to be associated with Gaiman, he is one of my heroes.
    @ August Rode- I hadn’t heard the term purple before and I had to look it up. I understand now, what you meant, but I’m that was actually a literal place. He wandered the dreamlands (desert) under the light of the sun for many days until he found the place where night started. Is it still purple?
    @ Flamesbane- I don’t typically sequel my own stories (for a variety of reasons), I urge anyone who wants to- to do it. If my character cries out to me that his story is not finished, maybe I’ll do it then.
    Thanks to each one of you!