The Search For Death

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Jeron stared at Kyle, who seemed lost in thought. Jeron hated interrupting his train of thought. Truth be told, he hated the same old debate about ‘derailing trains’ and what-not.
“I think I may have an idea!”
“You do?” Jeron scratched his head.
“I think i know how to find death, and defeat it!”
“We have to die!”
“Well that’s just the stupidest thing, I think, you’ve ever said.” Jeron threw his hands up.
“I know,”
“But it makes perfect sense!”
“I know,”
Jeron frowned, “So, if i kill you, won’t I get in trouble or something.”
“I don’t want to DIE .. DIE! You know. I mean, SORTA die!” Kyle gave Jeron a shot in the arm, “You’d kill me? Like seriously kill me!?”
“Well, you said…” Jeron’s thought derailed with an exasperated sigh, “How do you ‘SORTA’ die, Kyle?”
“Hmm. Coma?”
“You want to go into a coma?”
“I really haven’t thought all of this through, have I?”
“Nuh-uh! It’s a stupid idea!”
“What if I put YOU in a coma!”
“Are you out of your frackin’ mind!?”
“I got nothing!”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    haha, hmm would coma patients touch the veil of fabric between the human and spirit worlds? we think so…
    nice addition! love how you tie it all together!

  2. Avatar The Note Writer

  3. Avatar The Note Writer

    This definitely needs the light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Avatar Oy

    :-) Battlestar Galactica

  5. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Hehe, I love their little petty arguments. For some reason, I’m imagining two physicists in big, white lab coats..

  6. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I like it, but some more speaker tags and line breaks in between paragraphs would greatly help.

  7. Avatar Xanathael

    An excellent ode and continuation to the original. Well done!

  8. Avatar Jonathan D. Page

    I’m working my way through this ficlet-chain and I’m stopping here because I like this one best so far – theres a hilarious chemistry going on between these two.

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