The Tunnels

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“Taste this.” Amy held a spoon over the mouth of an elder male who was covered in blankets inside a tunnel. The man sat up looking through the darkness; he spotted a couple sitting in the corner holding onto each other and saw Amy kneeling next to him. “What is it?” The elder asked – “It’s what we have left of the food supply.” Amy replied. “What has happened?” he asked trying to figure out the situation.

“I couldn’t say much just that there was a bright flash at the end of the tunnel and then darkness.” Amy replied. “Has anyone tried to make it out of here?” – “A man did about a day ago.” Amy pointed at a spot in the tunnel were a man was covered in a blue like tarp.

“What happened?” – “I don’t know he went out for about an hour then came back with strange like markings, as if someone carved symbols into his skin and sent him back to pass along a message.”

The elder man took the spoon he sipped the substance, and then placed the spoon next to him. “What will happen if no one comes for us?” He asked.

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    Ooh, I’m intrigued. Moar? :)

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