The Path

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Death was easy. All it took was one well placed IED. I never felt a thing. Scratch one Marine. Three points for the bad guys.

When I opened my eyes, the Humvee, my crew and the Iraqi desert were all gone. The temperature was 4o degrees cooler and thick underbrush surrounded where I stood, except for a path leading away from my position.

I still had my sidearm strapped to my belt, my M-16 at the ready. It was a weird scene, no kidding, but I then remembered the explosion that killed me, so I figured, dead or not, it was time to move out.

I followed the path.

The first ambush caught me by surprise. Five Japanese manned a machine gun nest in the middle of the path. I took them out with a grenade. Then, in quick succession, attacks came from a Korean sniper, a Palestinian suicide bomber and ten Iraqi riflemen.

I killed them all.

The path led to a clearing in the center of which stood an angel.

“Welcome home, Marine,” she said.

I slung my rifle and followed her as she swung open a golden gate.

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Sounds like a strange Heaven where you have to kill people to get in…

  2. Avatar Bob Liddil

    Just another day in paradise for a Marine. . . :)

  3. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Valhalla for the Devil Dog. Good entry. I like the casual acceptance of death and the idea that you can bring your firearms. The 2nd Amendment must have been picked up by the Kingdom of God.

  4. Avatar Charlie K

    I agree with The Dark Hillbilly. The first thing that crossed my mind was Valhalla for Marines.

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