She Moves In Mysterious Ways

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“Well, I guess that explains the anime hair color,” I chuckled. “Care to enlighten me as to what about plain old me could warrant the attention of a kitsune?”

“First, just say fox, or fox spirit if you want to be specific. One gratuitous Japanese word doesn’t make you sound any less a gaijin.” She was human again. sticking her tongue out at me.

“You got it.” I said with a blush. In the meantime, she smirked and rolled on top of me, displaying a generous pair of fangs and planting a hand on each of my shoulders.

“As for your question, you answered it. You don’t make anyone notice you. When I said I changed my mind about making you breakfast because I wanted to keep you around, it had nothing to do with my skill as a cook. I was banking on no one noticing you going missing long enough for me to get out of town. I was going to eat you, whole and alive if possible.” I’m sure she felt me tense up, because she laughed, and kissed me on the nose. “Oh relax. I told you, I changed my mind. I’m going to keep you.”

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The first thing I saw when I awoke was her shirt, slung over the old Saarinen Tulip I use as a desk chair. The “VIXEN” lettering ...

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