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It’s funny, that I’m taking all this time,
Just sitting here, Trying to write this rhyme.

I guess it’s just how I sort my thoughts.
Take everything in my head and arrange it into plots.

Through this rhetoric I can express myself,
Package up my thoughts and put them on a shelf.

Thoughts don’t expire, they gain perspective with age.
That’s why I take this time to put my thoughts on the page.

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I don’t write well when I’m tired, and ’m tired all the time
    So instead when the magic comes I write it down in this rhyme

    It doesn’t have much meaning – correct me if I’m wrong -
    But I guess it makes a lot of sense if you don’t think too long

    And while I’m not as worthy – don’t have your rhythmic prowess -
    I hope my childish rhyme schemes allow one foolish guess

    My guess is that you’re happy with the simple A and B
    And that you crave a simple life, but that’s a guess, you see.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hahahaha, great comment!
    and the writing exercise of just getting something down on paper is good enough! er, ficly window, in this case..

  3. Avatar Concerned Reader

    I find that simple is sometimes best,
    To get the message across.

    So instead of deciphering rhyme schemes,
    The meaning slips through like floss.

    Don’t count yourself out yet,
    that you can’t quite rhyme like me.

    If you were ever able to match my style,
    A copy cat is all you’d be.

    It’s not how you get from A to B that matters,
    It’s the journey along the way.

    So in the long run don’t fret it,
    Just give your words free play.

    A simple man is what I am,
    But my life is not so sweat.

    On my way from A to B,
    I’ve been down trodden and beat.

    But in the end I get back up,
    To continue on my way.

    I know some day I’ll get from A to B,
    But my journey is here to stay.

  4. Avatar The Ninjirate

    Rhyming may be quaint, but there’s something that it ain’t.

    And very cool it may be,
    As a fool you see me.

    What it means, i don’t know
    What it seems, is beyond us all.

    And Dr. Suess would lose his mind,
    and return the favor in kind,
    If i gave a look behind,
    and myself did find.

    I know there is no sense to what i say
    or say anything with a sense.
    But if i write it out, as i may,
    maybe i can find some tense?

    And the world looks down at you,
    And laughs at all you do,
    knowing there is nothing new,
    seeing all that isn’t true.
    Shining a light straight on through,
    shooting only at you-know-who,
    piercing all i knew,
    tinging it a reddish hue.

    and we knew it all along,
    we didn’t need this stupid song,
    it is no crime,
    to know how to rhyme.

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