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A moderate sized rock, mostly covered in water and shrouded in a mix of gasses, orbiting around a typical yellow star. The birthplace of a particularly clever species of primate, who eventually figured out how to pull themselves up and out into the vast nothing beyond their own atmosphere.

Gradually they took the first small steps away from their home. And then at the edge of their star system they found their first Gateway, one many left behind by a long vanished race, holes in space linking together incredibly distant star systems.

Over the course of a thousand years, these aggressively intelligent apes spread into space, and planted themselves on every reasonably hospitable damp rock they encountered.

Eventually they lost interest in their ancestral home. Those who stayed behind went on, but with less and less influence over their far flung children, who saw the old rock as little more than a distant collection of ancient relics. In short:

Welcome to Earth. Try not to break anything.

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