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I filled the cup up with freezing cold water. I poured it over my head. The blast of cold had me shivering, and I was wet. But I was awake. That’s the important part.
I couldn’t, wouldn’t, sleep. I knew that if I closed my eyes and slept, I would see things. I would dream horrible, terrifying nightmares. Nightmares that would end with me screaming awake, covered in cold sweat.
But worst of all…I’d see her. She was beautiful. Perfect in everyway. I’d walk over to her, she’d be smiling, sitting on the rock surrounded by lovely flowers. I’d then reach for her, and she’d reach for me.
Then she’d become something else. Something so horribly frightening, I’d freeze from fear. Her fair skin would darken, like it was burned off. Her hair would fall off her head, only a few strands left. Her teeth would rot and some fell out. Her nails would become so much longer, yellow and chipped. Her dress would rip into rags, and one of her eyes would fall out. She’d wail, and I’d wake.
I poured more water on me.

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  1. Avatar shadowlight

    Yikes! shiver Definitely scared me. I’m glad I didn’t read this before bed. Good descriptions here. I hope it’s not one of your nightmares. Well done!

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