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The doorbell? Now? Ugh… What else is going to come up?

I have to go to the barbers now that lovely Jamie got gum in the baby’s hair. I’ll have to call a cleaner to get that orange stain out of my chair. How those sweet potatoes got there I don’t even know. I can hear Damien cring upstairs…. Hey where’d my watch go?!?

Well Barney probably just ended. I think there is another tape on the coun…. fish tank.

I hope I can get this place back together before the wife gets home.

I know! I’m coming I’m coming stop ringing the bell! I can’t walk that fast holding the runt.

“Girl scouts!!!” Oh no its Monday. Jamie’s girl scout troop meeting… why is it here of all places?

This just can’t be happening.

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  1. Avatar Scrawler's Secret

    Inspired by “Mr. Mom” by Lonestar

  2. Avatar Mystic Dolphin

    HAHAHAHAHA! loooved this!

  3. Avatar Jae

    Poor guy! He just doesn’t get a break. My favorite part was the self interruption from counter to fish tank. Very real.

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