Not the Best Realization

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In the mirror behind the bar Karl considered his own angular features. The chin was a bit prominent, and the eyes were a little dark. Even in a mood as he was, he wouldn’t call himself unattractive. No, there was another problem.

Missy came to a slumping stop on the stool next to him, “Karl, buddy, you are one morose drunk.” Her words were slurred which made him smile.

“Nothing cuter than a drunk English major, mydear. And I’m not.”

“Oooh,” she scoffed in a long, tequila-tainted breath, “You are so morose, dreary, dark, forlorn…”

“I mean I’m not drunk. This is my first beer.” He waved the bottle in front of her.

“Oh,” She looked thoughtful, then with a nod downed the shot sent over from the leering guy at the end of the bar. “Then why so glum?”

“Because mydear, I’ve come to a conclusion.” With a toast, he spelled it out, “I try to be good. I really do. I want to be heroic, but the facts are plain: my looks, my name, and my own scheming mind. I, mydear, am the villain of the picture.”

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  1. Avatar jesteram

    I like the choice to make mydear one word. It’s subtle, but adds a lot to this mystery man’s voice.

  2. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Hmm… interesting realization…

  3. Avatar Kevin Lawver

    I agree with jesteram… “my dead”, “mahdear” or “muhdear” would have been so un-classic British Bad Guy of him. “mydear” perfectly wrapped up what kind of villain he’ll be. Any day now, he’ll be looking for a remote volcanic island he can buy and carve his head into the side of.

  4. Avatar Saint Chuck

    Perfect start to a story. This guy seems like a brilliant kind of villian.

  5. Avatar Sneaky"LoA"Cleazy

    shoot… we need some villains or else it wouldn’t be fun. We’d have nothing to talk about.

  6. Avatar Stovohobo

    Great end for what could have been a regular sleazy bar scene.

  7. Avatar Nancy

    Great ending.