Ching Sheh Almost Dies a Grizzly, Ninja Death

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Madame Ching watched the sea churn from rail of her flagship. The most formidable of a rogue armada that controlled more water than every Asian empire, the Jade Tiger was armed above all others. The sea rolled the Jade Tiger forward, lapping up at her. Reaching. Ching turned her head, listening.

Something hummed past her ear as she turned. A glimmer of light bounced off a small surface before being sucked into the waves. Recognition of danger arrested her mind. She ducked her head and rolled with the boat across the deck, unsheathing the saber strapped to her hip.

“Attack!” She barked. “We’re under attack!” Weapon at the ready and men rallying around her, she glanced to the rail. A pronged coin was stabbed into the sea worn wood. Ching hissed.

Her first mate, Tzu, followed her gaze. “Assassin! Show yourself!” Tzu bellowed. His voice was accustomed to being heard over the wild roar of the ocean.

Ching gestured and Tzu screamed to the musketmen. “Load the guns!”

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I imagined Ching as Mistress Chang from Pirates! This is a beautiful beginning. Planning to continue?

  2. Avatar Wanda McGritty

    I think they’re based on the same super pirate out of the Southeast Asia. Ching Sheh/Madame Ching/Zhang… Either way she was a hooker turned pirate wife turned super pirate badass. Since she was Chinese (and totally pulled a treaty with China out at some point because her navy was bigger than theirs) I figured it’d be a solid way to get pirates and ninjas in the same arena. It definitely needs to be continued… anyone should feel free to take a shot at it.