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Brenda screamed as a large gust of wind blew in past the glow into the kitchen.

“Get the kids outta here!” Tucker yelled as Brenda ducked, grabbed the kids and ran out of the kitchen into the living room.

Tucker grabbed a steak knife and held it in front of him. “What the hell are you?”

The glow slowly moved forward. It didn’t have a sound before but now a quiet ringing sound emanated from it. It started to grow louder and louder. It became so deafening that Tucker had to hold his hands to his ears as he saw all the glass in the room shatter. The glow kept moving forward as Tucker fell to his knees screaming from the pain of the ringing sound.

The ringing stopped and Tucker could open his eyes. He saw his reflection staring back at him from the glow. It was a shiny metal sphere. The glow started to fade as all Tucker could do was stare. The glow dissipated as the top of the sphere began to spin open like a screw.

Suddenly a spark flew from the sphere as it and Tucker disappeared.

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  1. Avatar August Rode

    Well written, and you’ve obviously got good command of your story. One minor nitpick: “began to spin open like a screw”. Screws spin but they don’t spin open. There are two ways you could deal with that: either “top of the sphere began to open, spinning like a screw” or “top of the sphere began to spin open like a jar lid”.

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