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Sensory Overload. Everything hurt. I had been the same… but it hadn’t hurt before. I hadn’t felt it before. My head was pounding, ears ringing, palms bleeding, legs shaking, feet throbbing, my whole body aching. Years of pain had been waiting to be released, waiting for a wall to come and stop me, to come and make me endure it.

The wall came too close and I hadn’t even realized it until it broke me. It caused me to feel, overwhelmingly feel.

Everything hit me so hard- pain and hurt and sadness and joyand excitment and anger. I was wounded. I was weak. So they all hit me. They all affected me.

I wanted to go back to not feeling anything- to being numb again. But I couldn’t.

Because that’s what happens when you get too close.

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  1. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    I totally got the deeper meaning of this, and I know this feeling all too well. great sequel!

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