The Last Good-Bye

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She looked into the burnt home, remembering her child hood as she looked into the window. Remembering when she would chase her brother around the house, and tackling him out in the yard to give her back her doll.

She walked across the porch and stood at the doorway looking into the kitchen. Where her mother would make pancakes, and scrambled eggs for breakfast and how father would make microwave dinners when mother was at work.

She walked into her old bedroom and remembered her first boyfriend telling her one day he will be big, and would take her away and treat her as a princess. Only to find out that the promise was also made to her best friend.

She sat on the porch, holding onto the papers that had the headline on the front of the paper reading two elderly couple burnt alive. She crumpled up the paper and burst into tears, she threw the paper on to the uncut lawn. She stood up and looked at the house for the last time before saying good-bye.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    I loved these heartfelt descriptive memories… this reminded me of Weird Al’s parent’s death… this could almost be a public service announcement to change the batteries in your carbon dioxide/smoke detectors.

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