Days Before The End (Re Write)

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Annie was woken abruptly to the sounds of engines soaring past the camp. Annie would look out into the night and watch as the German planes fly past her. During those wakeful nights Annie would gaze far into the skies and imagine the British Army cutting through the thick white clouds.

Annie short slept through that night, not able to let go of the thought of the allies coming. She knew well enough that they wouldn’t come, and that thought was just wishful thinking on her part. She got up and dressed in her white gown, and tied her hair back before going out to breakfast.

Her father sat at the table reading materials that he scavenges up by the fence. Her mother was standing by a pot, boiling what seemed to be hot water with cut up carrots that my father grew out in the garden.

Annie sat next to her father “Is there any news today?” Annie asked “The Germans were pulled back further to Berlin; this could mean the end of the war.” Her father replied.

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  1. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    There are some problems with tense in the story. I would change “hide” to “hid” in the first paragraph. The 3rd and 4th paragraphs are a little awkward. “Vein” should be “vain” in the last paragraph.