The Canines Story

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When I was busy thinking about my metabolically modified tameness, she stared at me from the kitchen table, fiercely. “Wha’?” My mouth was full of lettuce sandwich which I can barely taste. I munched it and swallowed it. “It’s good. Don’t worry bout it,” I said struggled to suppress nauseation. I will eat anything for her but her.

Before I got married, flesh was viand for me. Fried blood clot was bread-like. I was in no hurry, I lived in a distinctive horror cave I hardly break out. I was a vermin; a coyote. Until my wife’s left arm was slashed by my carpentry, made two minutes of my life a long decaying crave. Of course, I didn’t tell her why I sniffed and licked rots, she was unravel. She passed out as I sunk in.

However… to be frank, it wasn’t that simple. My shame forbid my animal instinct, she was a hell of a Goddess, if I snapped she might be dead. True. But that will make me Necrophilic. It’s very hard to neglect sex. I was a cannibal, my metabolic abnormal has been modified, not my hormones.

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  1. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Interesting concept. I’d sequel if I had half a clue what I was doing. I’ll see if you have anything else I can sequel.

  2. Avatar White Marvin

    Thank you. Sequel will be good, since I don’t think the way I ended this story is appropriate. I was forced.

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