The Damsel

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The bird has flown the coop
Throw me in the river
For this time I won’t float
I am hopeless

Break the hourglass
Those tiny, insignificant grains of sand
They’re too little to make
Much difference to me
Especially, in this scalding desert

Brutally murdered was my soul
By cruel hearts and hands and
Thoughts and words. Where is my
Heart you ask? Why, you have it
And I must insist you keep it

My heart’s been rescued time and again
By my Knight of Night Skies, but
Where are you this time? Its daylight and
The fearful, frightening, fantastic sun
Its out and it burns me

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  1. Amj Lone Writer

    This might be my last Ficly…

  2. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    thats depressing… why… very good poem btw

  3. Avatar Amaris Wolfe

    Love. Love. Love.
    Let me emphasize my emotions right now for this piece again:
    That is all.
    I love it.