The Human Cannonball's Greatest Fear

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“Mark, what are you talking about? You fly every day!”

“That’s completely different. That’s more like a very long jump. This is getting in an oversized Pringles can with pieces of aluminum taped on the side!”

Liz shook her head. “Why didn’t you mention this earlier? You knew you had to get more training to stay qualified.”

“I thought you knew. Chuck and Wally know. I thought we would take the train, or maybe Greyhound.”

“It’s in Brazil, Mark! Did you really think Amtrak goes to Brazil? We need to get on that plane, or you lose your job.”

“So I find a different job. It’ll work out.”

“No! We’ve eaten ramen in your hole in the wall for two years, and okay, it’s your dream, but we need a real apartment, with real food, and this is it. Quit your ‘dream job’? Now? No, this is it.”

“…what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I am getting on that plane. I speak a bit of Portuguese, thanks to Andi. I can make it on my own down there for a while. Unless you come with me. Now.”

“…well, goodbye, then.”


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