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Merit medals pinned on your skin, as if they meant something. Children at your side like another set of things you can be proud of. Sometimes the children have ideas on their own, sometimes the pins are ripped out and leave a scar. What are you proving, and to whom?
I see you with the red-bound degree in your hand, I see how they envy your body on the strand, and I wonder why I see a void behind that smile. You’ve got everything.
Sitting in a messy room, examining self-hatred like a gemstone of exquisite beauty. It shines, it glitters – your void is dark. And I realize: you are afraid.
In your nightmares, you die, or lose an achievement hard-gained. I don’t have nightmares anymore. And when the end comes, I’ll lose only a garbage pile – you, a pile of honors.
And I smile – counting the days of loss and pain, for I know the last laugh is on you.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Wow, kind of scattered, like stream-of-consciousness or a poem, without really being either. Not my style, but I think I see what you were going for.

    Kind of tragic, semi-disturbing theme as well, a comfortable and even prideful place in mediocrity. Seems to sit as an example of the mental gymnastics one can go through to be okay with one’s existence such as it is.

  2. Avatar Lancet

    @THX0477 More like to be okay with the fact that one dies. But I can see what you mean. Mediocrity… not really: I’m a true epic fail in everything… it’s a win in its own right. Heheh :)
    Thanks for the comment!

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